Why Choose IdeaRocket

Why IdeaRocket?

Visionary organizations come to IdeaRocket with big ideas: industry-changing technologies, powerful new processes, concepts that if properly understood will reshape the way we live our lives. It’s not hype; ideas can change the world. But only if they are properly launched.

That’s where we come in. We pry your ideas open and and explore them. We delve into your strategy, and put ourselves in the shoes of your audience. We investigate how your idea might be defined by story, image, and motion.

At the end of the day,

your idea will rocket to its target — so that it is understood, felt, and remembered by those who see it.

Honors & Recognitions

IdeaRocket is winner

of a Telly Award for Branded Content, for the spots it produced for the New York Knicks and Rangers.

IdeaRocket was nominated

for a Title Design award for its work on the show-open for the 8th and final season of Showtime’s Weeds.

IdeaRocket is winner

of AI-AP’s International Motion Art Award for its promotional web video for SCANDIS, a retailer of modern furniture.

I really enjoyed working with the entire team at IdeaRocket. They’re talented, accommodating and great to work with. Overall a really great experience and I was incredibly happy with their work!

– Stephanie Murrin, HealthEd

"IdeaRocket really brought our product's benefits to life with imagination and humor. We are very proud of the results!"

- Steve Hanley, CEO, Know Better Bread

“It was the first time we used a tool like this and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. IdeaRocket was a wonderful partner. They made our message so easy to understand.”

- Lisa Detlefsen, Personnel Services Supervisor, Tenneco

“Idea Rocket was an ideal partner in creating our company video. They understood our unique business model and company culture right away, putting it into a wonderful visual.”

- Nick Liemandt, gTeam

"The final product was exactly what we were looking for. It was a great experience and there was tremendous collaboration between us and IdeaRocket."

- Susan Rosenberg, Producer, Madison Square Garden

Our Process

Every project has unique needs that shift the process slightly, but here’s how it usually works.


We kick off with an in-depth discussion of your message, your brand, and who your target audience is. From there, we work with you to craft a story that is most persuasive to your audience.

Script Writing

After having internalized your objectives, we develop a script aimed at achieving these goals. We believe that scripting is the most important step in the process, so we listen carefully to feedback and revise until we are both satisfied with the result.


In the design stage, we work out the visual elements of the video characters, backgrounds, and graphics, in order to develop a visual style that fits your message and brand. When approved, we’re ready to tell a story with it!

Storyboard and Animatic

At the Storyboard stage, we create rough art frames for each step of the story. This art is then timed to the voiceover, so we can determine how to blend sound and image for maximum effect.


The characters and graphics are then brought to life with full animation. The video is now 90% finished, all that is missing is...

Sound Design

Once the visuals are locked, we combine the voiceover with sound effects and music. If the music is from a library, all copyrights are secured, and there is no recurring charge for the music. In some cases, an original soundtrack is composed and recorded. The video is ready to ship!

Our Team

William Gadea Creative Director & Founder

Immigrant. Boss-man.
Quietish, but thinks loudly.

Sara Jane Askildsen Producer

Joint-Runner. Gamer.
Made of velvet and steel.

Scott Strong Production Lead

Navy Vet. Jedi Dad.
Makes stuff move around.

Jim White Director of Business Development

Irish blood. Gregarious.
How do you say bon vivant in gaelic?

Phil Powers Production Assistant

VO Wrangler. Lacrosse Player.
Draws non-stop, and real purdy too.
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