Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is zooming up a very steep adoption curve because audiences find the experience so immersive and engaging. IdeaRocket’s Virtual Reality videos are created with CGI software. Unlike live action VR videos that are merely 360°, IdeaRocket’s videos are fully stereoscopic and in spatial audio, so that the experience of ‘being there’ is maximized.

Case Study: BBK Worldwide

Technique: Virtual Reality
Objective: Create a VR video for a trade show
Project Details: BBK Worldwide, a pharma trial agency, prides itself on a strong and highly creative presence in industry trade shows. Their concept for the DIA show was to entice visitors to their booth with giveaways of Google Cardboard viewers that were printed with their branding. BBK approached IdeaRocket about creating a VR video that would let visitors experience virtual reality, while they learnt of BBK’s programs. To bring the video into the context of the biological sciences, IdeaRocket suggested putting visitors inside a human brain, with the synapses between neurons firing. In front of this world, we would created motion graphics that represented BBK’s programs. The show and the video was a big success, allowing BBK to engage new prospects. To view this work please visit YouTube with a Google Cardboard or equivalent headset available.

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